Canon Tr4522 Wireless Setup

Canon Tr4522 Wireless Setup

Canon Tr4522 is one of the best printers that will perform printing, scanning, and faxing. The efficiency of the printer is quite good and its remarkable features make this printer effective. Whenever anyone buys a new Canon Tr4522 Printer then unboxing and Setting it up properly is the first and foremost step. To enjoy the interesting features of the Canon Tr4522 Printer setup procedure is necessary. To perform IJ Start Canon tr4522 Setup is so easy but still, new users find some technical glitches While setting up the printer. But No need to worry some guidelines have been discussed below to perform Canon Tr4522 Wireless Setup. If a new user finds any difficulty to perform these guidelines then get in touch with our technical expertise to resolve these technical issues.

Canon Tr4522

Easy Steps to Unboxing IJ Start Canon tr4522 Setup

  • Check if the Correct seal has been printed on the package
  •  If the Seal is not present then replace the printer immediately.
  • Now open the package of the printer and take out the accessories with a manual book of the printer.
  • Take out the Canon tr4522 printer carefully from the package and placed it on a plane surface.
  • Now make a proper connection to turn on the printer in between the electrical cords and power source.
  • Turn on the printer and insert the ink cartridges inside the printer one by one in proper slots.
  • Now open the upper part of the printer and start loading white papers.
  • Now test a print page by giving the commands and check whether the printer is working fine or not.

So by following these simple guidelines any new user can perform IJ Start Canon tr4522 Setup without any hesitation. In any case if the printer doesn’t work then check if drivers have been installed properly inside the system or not. Anyone can also download the drivers by visiting our website our technician will guide you properly.

Canon Pixma tr4522 Wireless Setup For Windows

After downloading and installing the drivers properly you can easily enjoy the features of the Canon tr4522 Printer. You can connect this printer to any operating system whether it is Windows or Mac. To Connect Canon Pixma tr4522 Wireless Setup for any windows operating system some important steps have been discussed below.

  • Turn on the printer before making any wireless Connection setup
  •  Any instructions page has appeared on the printer control panel then press the stop button
  • Now tap on the setup button on the printer control panel
  • Choose the Wi-fi option by using arrow keys on the printer
  • Now press the WPS button from the wi-fi setup menu and tap on ok
  • Go to the Wireless router and search the WPS button on it
  • When the button is found then press the button and hold it for a few seconds
  • Within a interval time of two minutes press ok on the printer
  • If any prompt commands appear on the screen press ok again
  • To Complete the Setup touch the copy button
  • Install the drivers carefully and launch it to complete the printer installation
  • Test a print page and give commands from the wireless device to check whether Setup has been completed or not.

So these are the important steps to perform Canon Pixma tr4522 Wireless Setup for any windows operating system. This method is only applicable you have a WPS Enable access point. These guidelines are easy to follow but still if any issue persists then get in touch with our technical expert’s team for resolution.

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