Canon is one of the popular brands that provide excellent printing and scanning. These printers are widely used for both personal and professional use. But as we all know the printer is an electronic device and it requires proper maintenance from time to time. If in any case proper care and maintenance should not be given then certain errors could take place inside the Canon Printer. Canon Printer Error 5200 is one of those Errors that could take place inside the canon printer if proper care should not be given. Due to this Error, the printing function becomes difficult and it also affects the Performance of any canon printer. But the users of Canon Printer don’t need to worry as in this post we will learn why this error occurs and how we can remove it.


Why Canon Printer Error 5200 Occur inside Canon Printer?

Canon Support Code 5200 would occur due to lower ink levels or there is any default in the ink cartridge. The Printer is specially programmed to combine all the colors for making it black on the white paper sheet. So if the Printer is not printing in black color that simply means that either ink cartridge is empty or close to empty. Sometimes canon printer Error 5200 would also occur due to malfunctioning of the printer. So these could be the reasons for displaying the error 5200 on the screen of the canon Printer.


Troubleshooting steps to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5200:

Though there are many methods from which you can easily eradicate this error. But First, we see some easy steps that will be performed manually.

  • Remove the Electrical plug cable from the source to turn off the printer and replug it again after 10 minutes to turn it on.
  • By doing this turn on and turn off processes we will know about the ink level accurately.
  • Now check whether the error 5200 has been removed or not. If not then proceed further.
  • Turn off the printer again and simultaneously hold the stop button for a few seconds.
  • Now Hold the turn on button of the printer and simultaneously release the stop button.
  • Tap the Stop button at least five times and with that release the on button.
  • Due to this method, the LCD Screen of the printer will turn black, and the canon printer will be in reset mode.
  • When the resetting mode will be completed then again turn off and turn on the Canon Printer.
  • Check Again whether canon error code 5200 has been removed or not. If not again then try to change the ink cartridges.
  • When you change the ink cartridges then you may feel that level of the ink is full. But you need to set the ink level again to remove the error.


 Some Alternative Methods that will also remove the error: 


      Method 1:  

  • Whenever Canon Error 5200  strikes on your screen then turn off the printer 
  • Remove the Plug from the source and wait for 5 minutes.
  • Replug the Printer again and check whether the error has been removed or not.


       Method 2:


  • Take out the ink cartridges from the print head 
  • Turn on the Printer and install both the print head and ink cartridges.

So these are some manually and alternative steps to Fix Canon Printer Error 5200. But Still, if there is any confusion in your mind while performing it then get in touch with professional technicians that will guide you better.


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